OUT NOW – The Return of the Magmatron – Part 2 –

So here it is, the eagerly anticipated second part of the Return of the Magmatron. It was inspired by Suki K’s three words (freedom, trust, faith). So thank you, Suki, for contributing to my writing challenge.

The story has turned into a bit of an epic, which really means it’ll take a bit longer than five minutes to chew through it. I hope you enjoy it, if you can manage to read to the end! In case you missed it, you can read part one here..

Return of the Magmatron – Part Two

A stone, thrown by an arrogant teenager, was all it took for hell to break loose. It pinged off a Rockman, although it barely registered in its calcite mind, it took umbrage at the flagrant disregard for the safety of the little rock; which could, one day, become a Rockman. The Rockman bounded over the last ten meters to the castle wall. Before he even got halfway, in a domino effect, the other Rockmen followed him. Together they began pounding the walls with bouldering great fists.

The soldiers above started…Click on to read on

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