The Brave Little Tractor

Here you go, here’s the lastest result of my three word challenge. The words Tractor, Unicorn, and Dinosaur, came from Laura W. So thanks very much for the inspiration. This might be my last attempt at a children’s story, not because I didn’t enjoy writing it but because I don’t see my writing career going in that direction right now. Who knows, never say never. Anyway, I hope it’s enjoyable, let me know what any kids think…

The Brave Little Tractor

When all the Woodward children were tucked up in bed, the clock struck midnight and something stirred.

It ruffled out from under a bag, puffed its self up and began to roar. Trevor the Tractor was a sock. He didn’t know what he was other than a tractor but he certainly knew his engine was loud.

BRRUUMM, BRRUUMM, he whizzed loudly across the living room floor. He was going so fast he skidded into the bookcase making it wobble.

He zoomed out into the hallway, he’d never been down there before. He stopped when he saw a pile of shoes and wondered if his friend was there, he missed his friend, they made a great pair.

He nudged a few shoes out of the way, it was a good job he was a tractor and didn’t mind the stink. He was about to turn and go when he saw a flash of pink.

‘Hello? Who’s that over there?’ he asked.

‘Err, hmm,’ said a little voice.

‘It’s ok, don’t be scared.’

‘Well, erm, my name is Estrelle,’ said the pink unicorn with rainbow hair, she was a sock too but didn’t really know it.

‘Hello, Estrelle. My name is Trevor. What are you doing under there.’

‘I lost my twin. I’m sure to get put in a box if I’m found on my own.’

‘I’m looking for my friend too. Have you seen him?’

‘No. I’m sorry, he’s not under here.’

‘Do you know where else I can look?’ Trevor asked.

‘In the kitchen maybe. But don’t go in there, the whooshing machine will swallow you up!’

‘I’m a brave tractor, I’m not scared!’ and off he sped.

He whizzed into the kitchen and around a big square. He saw a circle on the wall, the whooshing machine was there. He crept along the skirting board hoping not to wake it. He heard the click of a door next to him.

‘Hello? Who’s that in there?’ he asked.

‘Grrr,’ came the reply.

‘It’s ok, don’t be scared,’ said Trevor.

The door opened a little bit and a green face popped out. ‘I’m Gavin, I’m a dinosaur, grrr.’ He too was actually a sock.

‘Hi, Gavin. I’m Trevor and I’m a tractor. What are you doing in there?’

‘I’m hiding from the grabbers. They come and take you away.’

‘Oh,’ said Trevor, ‘I haven’t heard of those.’

‘Oh, well, they come form the sky and carry you off. That’s how I lost my brother.’

‘I’m sorry,’ said Trevor, ‘have you seen another tractor? He’s just like me?’

’No. He’s not in here.’

‘Oh, do you know where I might find him?’

‘I heard of a place that’s safe, where no one ever goes, it’s really hard to get there.’

‘I’m a brave tractor, I’m not scared! Where is this place?’

‘You have to climb up the staggered floor, then to a place called under-the-bed.’

‘I’ll bet my twin is there! Why don’t you come with me?’

‘We’ll never make it. The grabbers will get us,’ said Gavin.

‘We’ll be ok if we help each other, you can’t stay here near the whoosher.’

The little green dinosaur thought about it for a moment, he climbed out fo his cupboard and said ‘Ok, lets go.’

On their way, they stopped at the shoes. Trevor convinced Estrelle to come too. She was sick of the smell under the stairs so she agreed.

The three socks stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

‘We’re never going to make it!’ said Estrelle, trotting around nervously.

‘It’s too far!’ Agreed Gavin.

The brave little tractor came up with a plan.

‘I can lift you up in my bucket and then you can pull me up.’

The other two agreed to give it a try. Trevor had no problem lifting Estrelle up on the first step. Gavin the dinosaur was a bit heavier and Trevor had to work extra hard to lift him up but he did it.

Then Gavin and Estrelle pulled Trevor up. It was hard work but everyone wanted to get to the top so they all helped.

It took a long time before they were near the top, they were getting pretty tired. One step left.

CLICK a light came on in the hall. The socks dropped to floor, laying as flat and as still as they could. Non of them wanted to be grabbed. Big thundering sounds came from feet crossing the landing. The feet disappeared into the bathroom. Whoosh, came the next sound.

‘There’s another whooshing machine up here!’ whispered Gavin.

’Shush,’ begged Estrelle.

The feet came back. Then the light went off. All three socks breathed a sigh of relief.

When they were sure the danger had passed they climbed the last step.

They looked around.

‘I recognise this place,’ said Estrelle.

‘Me too,’ said Gavin and Trevor together.

‘My owner’s feet are in there, I can smell them’ she pointed to a door on the left. ‘I’m bound to find my sister in there.’

Gavin and Trevor followed her in. They crept around the edge of the room.

‘Astrid!’ Estrelle galloped over to her twin and the pair jumped around as happy as can be.

‘Hey! What’s all this noise?’ came a voice from under the bed.

Trevor and Gavin turned to see a sparkling sock with a fairy princess staring back at them. She was tapping her foot impatiently.

‘Well? If they find us we’ll all end up in the hoover!’

‘I’m sorry, this is my sister Estrelle,’ said Astrid, ‘and these are her friends.’

‘I’m glad you found your sister, but they don’t belong in here!’ Said the fairy. ‘You should go to the other place, through there.’ She pointed to the door, ‘the smelly place.’

Trevor and Gavin were happy that Estrelle had found her twin sister but they were said they weren’t allowed to stay.

As they headed to the door, there came a loud ROARRR. Trevor and Gavin stood still.

‘Is it the hoover?’ asked Gavin.

‘I’m not sure, I’m a brave tractor, I’ll go and see.’ Trevor crept forward as quiet as could be.

BANG! Trevor was flung backwards and everyone gasped. It was a loud crash

A sock came running around the corner, ‘Are you ok? Goodness me, sorry about that. We got carried away. I’m Colin, sorry about my friend Ted he’s a tractor and he looks just like you…’

‘YAY!’ said Trevor.

‘Colin? It that you?’ Asked Gavin.


The three pairs of socks were all very happy, the tractors beeped and raced, the dinosaurs roared and the unicorns galloped around the room.

When the sun began to rise the socks hid together under-the-bed.


Thanks for reading!

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