Just a quickie…

“How did it get so late so soon?”
Dr. Seuss

I realise that I have fallen off the blogosphere and drifted into outer-cyberspace for a little while. I can’t say I’ve suffered with blog-exhaustion or writers block as that’s simply not true.

I have been busy, I was asked to write a short story playlist – a series of short stories under 1000 words and up to ten stories. So with my novel-writing hitting a bit of a brick all, I focused on the playlist (that and going on holiday!).

The playlist is finished, it’s called Behind Closed Doors, it follows a police investigation into a murder and is a series of reports, witness statements and interviews. I’m just waiting to hear back from Chronicle Stories as to whether or not they want to publish it. It is a little different compared to their usual fare so we’ll see.

In the mean time I have decided I’ll publish it as a weekly series here on my website, so keep your eye out for it Fridays.

I’ll get back to writing my debut novel Cyber Cell and short stories inspired by the three-word challengers. If anyone fancies submitting three words to see what drivel falls out of my brain and onto the page, then please do so here.

That’s all for now, catch you at the weekend.

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