Behind Closed Doors – The Incident Report

STORY ONE  – The Incident Report

Crime Number: 084/072918

Incident Report Complied by: Police Office Jonathon Swift

At 17:20hours on Sunday 29th July 2018, police were called to 44 Grantham Avenue, Papworth, CB16. Three of my colleagues and I were in attendance. 

A neighbour called in response to seeing a woman behaving erratically in the garden and was reportedly covered in blood.

On arrival at the premises there was a young woman pacing the length of the front garden at the aforementioned address. She was approximately 5ft 7inches in height, slim build with matted blond hair. She was very unkempt and appeared to have a blood-like substance on her face, arms and upper torso. 

Upon seeing us she began yelling. She was repeating the words “he’s dead, you’re too late. I’ve killed him.” She also ranged in her emotions from laughing to crying. It appeared that this lady was suffering from a mental health condition, however there was also a smell of alcohol. 

We attempted to obtain more information but she was unable to respond in a meaningful way. It was at this point that I noticed a pair of bloodied scissors on the doorstep. The woman was not obviously bleeding. I instructed two of my colleagues to remain with the lady and I entered the property along with my partner Police Officer Rhodes. On seeing more blood in the hallway I put a request in for paramedic attendance. 

I began shouting for anyone present to make themselves known. There was no response. The property was poorly maintained, all the curtains were drawn, there were empty cans of beer piled in corners, some clothes and some children’s toys strewn around the living room. 

There was a smear of blood on the wall up the stairs. Certain there was no one else downstairs, we headed upstairs and as soon as I was eye-level to the landing I saw the legs of a male on the floor. He was half in a bedroom and half on the landing. 

I checked for signs of life immediately but I could see that a large amount of blood had seeped into the carpet around his head. There was no response from the man. We began CPR until the paramedics attended. They pronounced life extinct at 17:40hrs. 

As this was now a domestic homicide case, I radio’d my supervisors, the woman on the lawn was arrested and taken into custody. A female paramedic informed me of their procedures and when she finished speaking I heard a small voice say “Mummy?”

We searched the rooms upstairs but could not initial find the source. The female paramedic spoke again and that’s when I located a locked cupboard at the top of the stairs. Using the multi-tool on my kit-belt I was able to force entry. I noted that there were already some marks in the wooden doorframe around the lock. 

The child was no more than 3 years of age, she was distressed and dishevelled. The female paramedic took the child out to the ambulance for medical assessment. 

Upon inspection of the cupboard, there was no overhead light, a scruffy mattress that smelt of stale urine, a few dolls, some empty juice boxes and sweet wrappers. 

After double checking the upstairs for evidence of any other children I returned downstairs and took up guard duty at the gate in order to prevent further access and preserve the evidence. Police Officer Rhodes took up guard duty at the rear of the property. No further persons entered the dwelling until the crime scene investigation unit arrived. 

This is a true and accurate account of the events of the 29th July 2018,

Signed Police Officer : Jonathon Swift.

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