Behind Closed Doors Story Two – Custody

The following is a transcript from the CCTV footage taken as the suspect arrives at the custody suit.

P.C Trent: Sarg, this is Melissa Miller. She was arrested at 17:32hrs on 29th July 2018 on suspicion of murder and child cruelty and neglect.

Melissa: [Laughing] I killed him. I did it! Hahaha, the bastard got what was coming to him.

P.C Trent: Miss Miller is suspected to be intoxicated of alcohol.

Custody Sargent: Miss Miller, do you understand the circumstances of your arrest?

Melissa: [Nod’s head, is heard laughing, then rests her head on the desk].

Custody Sargent: Miss Miller, you do not have to say anything but, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence. Do you understand?

Melissa: Rights! Ha! He took them from me. Well, not any more. [Laughing].

Custody Sargent: Can you confirm your name, address and date of birth?

Melissa: Oh God, questions, questions, questions. It’s all your bloody interested in! Melissa Miller, 44 Grantham Ave, 2nd Feb 1992.

Custody Sargent: Do you need any medical attention?

Melissa: I was thrown down the stairs, you figure it out.

P.C Trent: Better have her looked at, the scene was pretty messy by all accounts.

Custody Sargent: I’m not surprised judging by the state of her. Miss Miller, is there anyone we can contact to tell them where you are?

Melissa: Nah, no one gives a shit about me.

Custody Sargent: Is there anything you’d like documenting at this point?

Melissa: Yeah, you can right this down in your fucking little tippy tappy computer: It was me, I fucking ended him, Alex bloody Lepinski, is dead, dead, dead!

Custody Sargent: Ok, we’ll put her in cell six. She’s in no fit state to interview but I’ll get the duty doctor to review and we’ll take the usual samples.

CCTV footage shows Miss Miller being led to cell six. She is searched again and her shoes are removed. She is hustled inside the cell. Just as the door closes the suspect becomes agitated and can be seen banging on the door.

Melissa: Sophie! Sophie! Where’s Sophie? Where’s my baby?

P.C Trent: She was found. She is safe now and being cared for properly.

CCTV from inside the cell shows Miss Miller slumping to the ground and hugging her knees.

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