Behind Closed Doors – Story Six, Little Miss Miller

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Little Miss Miller

This is a transcript from the CCTV footage of the interview with Sophie Miller, 3 years old. Daughter to Melissa Miller. Helen Palmer was the child interview specialist.

Sandra Miller: It’s ok Sophie, stay and play in here for a little bit while Grandma does a few jobs. This lady’s name is Helen. She’d like to play with you, just for a little bit, Ok?

Sophie: [Silence]

Sandra Miller: I’ll be back before you know it. [Leave the room].

Helen: Hello, Sophie. I’m Helen. Would you like to play with some toys? Some farm yard animals, oink, oink, quack, quack.

Sophie: [Giggles].

Helen: Oh, the kitchen. Good choice. There’s a drink and a snack on the table if you want it.

Sophie: Pasta!

Helen: Ooh, yummy, my favourite! Do you like pasta?

Sophie: Yes.

Helen: I like cake the best.

Sophie: Chocolate cake, mmm.

Helen: What’s mummy’s favourite?

Sophie: Errr, krisspies.

Helen: Ooh, yummy crisps. What’s daddy’s favourite?

Sophie: Erm, WORMS!

Helen: Euck! Really?

Sophie: [laughing] No.

Helen: Do you love mummy and daddy?

Sophie: Yes!

Helen: Are they silly sometimes?

Sophie: Mummy sleeps lots.

Helen: Who looks after you when mummy is sleeping?

Sophie: Daddy. But sometimes me.

Helen: Sometimes you?

Sophie: I’m a big girl.

Helen: You are. When do you look after yourself?

Sophie: When Mummy shouts.

Helen: Does she shout at you?

Sophie: No, daddy.

Helen: What do you do when then happens?

Sophie: I go upstairs.

Helen: where upstairs?

Sophie: To the place where the monsters can’t get me.

Helen: Where’s that?

Sophie: The hidy room.

Helen: Your bedroom?

Sophie: No, they can get me in there.

Helen: The monsters?

Sophie: Yes, I go to the little room. LOCK me in.

Helen: What’s it like in there?

Sophie: Dark. Mummy says I’m safe in there.

Helen: Does mummy put you in there?

Sophie: Yes, sometimes I go myself.

Helen: Why?

Sophie: So the monsters don’t get me. Mummy knows when they are coming.

Helen: What do the monsters look like?

Sophie: They sound like daddy. ROAR!

Helen: Have you seen them:

Sophie: No. Can the dolly have a cookie?

Helen: Yes, I think she can.

Sophie: mmmm, nom nom nom.

Helen: I think the dolly is enjoying those.

Sophie: She needs more.

Helen: Do mummy and daddy shout lots?

Sophie: Hmm, don’t know.

Helen: Do they shout everyday?

Sophie: No, sometime mummy sleeps all day.

Helen: Do you miss mummy when she’s sleeping?

Sophie: Yes, she wont play with me.

Helen: Does daddy play with you?

Sophie: Yes, we play tickling.

Helen: Dady tickles you?

Sophie: Yes and I tickle daddy.

Helen: Show me with the dolly. How do you tickle daddy?

Sophie: Like this [tickles dolls neck, chest, waist, underarms and feet].

Helen: That looks fun. Where does daddy tickle you?

Sophie: [Jumps up and wriggles all over, tickling the same areas demonstrated with the doll].

Helen: Ooh, that looks even more fun. Does he tickle you here? [Uses doll to indicate genital area].

Sophie: Nooo, they’re my bits.

Helen: Oh, silly me. Well, I’ve really enjoyed playing with you. Thank you very much. I think your Grandma will be back any minute now.

[Door opens]

Sandra: Sophie!

Sophie: Ganma, look at this.

Sandra: It’s a lovely kitchen, ooh and a lovely dolly.

Sophie: We had pasta and cookies.

Sandra: Oh wow. That sounds lovely. Its time to go home now.

Sophie: Will mummy be there?

Sandra: No, she’s got some things to sort out. Come on, lets get some real cookies!

Sophie: Yay!


You’ve come so far, we are nearing the end. I hope you enjoyed this episode, do you think you have all the facts? Thanks for reading. See you next week for the penultimate installment.

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