Behind Closed Doors – Story Seven, Definitely Dead

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Definitely Dead

Preliminary Post Mortem Report

Deceased: Alexander Lepinski


The patient was a 37 year old white male with no significant past medical history. The police and subsequently EMS were called due to significant blood loss from wounds to the neck. Upon EMS arrival, patient was receiving cardiopulmonary resuscitation by the police. The patient’s heart rate was asystolic, protocol for pulseless electrical activity was followed for 12 minutes. The patient was pronounced dead at the scene at 17:40hours with fixed, dilated pupils, no heart sounds, no pulse and no spontaneous respirations.


EXTERNAL EXAMINATION: The body is that of a 37 year old well developed, well nourished male. There is an area of small lesions to the upper chest consistent with scratch marks. The patient has no major surgical scars. There are two tattoos, one on the left calf in a tribal pattern and the other on the right thorax of a blond woman smoking a cigar. There is evidence of old bruising to the left thorax.

Blood and urine samples have been sent away for analysis.

Assessment of the internal organs is yet to be conducted.

Upon inspection of the cervical spine and throat there were multiple lesions, four entry points and one possible exit point. There is evidence of damage to the larynx, the carotid artery and to the spinal cord. Further microscopic analysis of the spinal cord is required.


The initial impression is that this patient died shortly after a sharp object penetrated the larynx and severed the left carotid artery. Not fatal in themselves with expedient medical attention, the penetration and severance of the spinal cord at the C2/C3 position ultimately caused the patients demise.

Initial report completed by: Dr Harrow.

Date: 30th July 2018


So we’ve gathered our evidence, we’ve got the facts, now it’s time to face the truth. See you next week for the final installment of Behind Closed Doors. Thanks for reading. 

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