See Ya Later

This ‘ere is my final post as the Reluctant Writer. My non de plume will be nom de gone from today. 

Tomorrow I’ll be busy rebranding my website. I’ll be MIA on here and on social media while all the magic stuff happens.

If you click on my website after today it will say the website is private. Please stick with me and watch out for the new me (who is the same as the old me but now I’ll actually be me, if you catch my drift?)

Anyway, you’ll see my new look website as A.L. Archer, http://www.alarcher.com and fingers crossed my social media handles will be something not too dissimilar. I’ll keep my face the same so you’re sure to know it’s me!

I really hope you pay me a visit on CYBER MONDAY for my official relaunch. 

See you on the 26th November! EEEEKKK I’m soooooo excited!

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