Happy Launch Day!

So, it’s out with the old…And in with the shiny and new.

Welcome, welcome, come on in and have a good lurk around my new look website

I’ve been such a busy little bee, updating the short story pages, adding a new page about my upcoming books, tinkering with layouts and backgrounds and general techy stuff.

There’s a little reading treat hidden in the about me page. I’m adding a new public service by trawling through cyber space to find top notch podcasts for your listening pleasure. Mostly writing related but don’t hold me to that because you know, accidents happen. I might call it Radio Wave Wednesdays but I’m fickle so I might not. 

Previous visitors will know I used do a three word challenge, where visitors could submit three words and I would write a story including those words. As I’m now finding my groove and have lots of other projects on, I’m no longer able to commit to the challenge. I have few left to write from Goofy Ed, Shelli, and Will so I hope you’ll stick around for those. 

For those of you that kindly follow me on Twitter you’ll notice my handle has changed to @alarcher80. Facebook wouldn’t let my change the name of my page so I’ve created a new one. You can find my social media links at the top of the page should you care to follow me – it would be very much appreciated!

Thanks so much for popping by, let me know what you think (and if you find any glitches!) 

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