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Anyone who has written a book or is currently writing one will know of the importance of a good blurb. Heck, even if you’ve picked up a book and bought it, it’ll be because the blurb on the back enticed you to buy it.

I have joined a number of writing community groups on Facebook, each have slightly different core aims but overall it’s to help out indie authors. Share ideas and offer advice. There isn’t a week goes by where there isn’t someone asking for help with their blurb. 

What the general populous don’t know is how hard it can be to write the kind of blurb that gets people reading. How come writing a hundred and fifty words is so much harder than writing a ninety thousand word manuscript?

Well, in part, it’s because you, the writer, are so close and so invested in all the action, all the detail, and all the desire to get it right. You know every nook and cranny of that book, every twist and every turn. Every character and their life story. 

Deciding which bits to leave in and which bits to leave out is like trying to cram an elephant into a Mini. Like origami, it’s an art form, a skill that takes time and practice. Traditional publishers have the inside track with all their marketing know how. So what can indie authors do?

The answer: Get someone else to write it for you.

This is where The Blurb Exchange comes in. It’s a brand, new members only, facebook group dedicated to authors supporting authors to write their blurb. You can either post your current blurb and request feedback or you can upload your short (or long) synopsis and ask someone else to have a go at writing it for you.

The only price is that you offer your feedback and advice to others, but not only will you help a fellow writer you’ll also get to practice writing blurbs, get tips and hone those silky sales skills!

So, if you’re struggling with yours head on over to The Blurb Exchange today. 

Please help spread the word through the social media platform of your choice. The more members that sign up, the more successful the group will be. 

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