The 5am Club

Have you seen the 5amwritersclub hashtag bandied around on Twitter? These committed writers get up at 5am to write. Squeezing every drop of ink out of their daily schedule. I often envied those people, I questioned my own drive and passion for writing because I wasn’t willing to sacrifice those precious hours in bed! 

I just couldn’t image doing it. I mean who really wants to get out of a nice, warm, cosy bed at stupid o’clock in the morning to sit at a desk and think, let alone write?

That was until a recent bout of early morning waking. We’re talking brain engaged at 3am and not switching off no matter how many sheep I counted. Thoughts racing around the tarmac of my mind, crashing into the barriers and making me restless. 

One particular morning, about 4:30am, I got up. Made a cup of tea and fired up my Mac. I typed happily away until about 7am when my son woke up. 

It was a glorious revelation! I had a good chunk of words down, I felt like I’d achieved something and that creative spark inside me had been stoked; the burning embers kept me going all day…well, until about 8pm when I passed out on the sofa. 

I did it, on and off, for a little over a week. I am proud of myself for getting up that early. I’ve never been an early riser and my system requires at least one cup of tea before much can go on between my ears. 

What I learned was, that although getting up at such a ridiculous hour is painful, it is rather freeing. To have achieved a writing goal so early in the day sets you up in positive frame of mind for the rest of the day. It’s kind of addictive and I plan on doing it more often.

Do you get up a 5am to write, is it out of necessity or need? What have you found to be to pro’s and con’s?

To anyone who hasn’t tried it, I recommend giving it a go, you might surprise yourself! 

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