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In a recent endeavour to write a couple of blurbs for my latest works I got a little stuck. My sales and marketing knowledge wouldn’t fill a pin head. In an effort to get my head around it my wonky brain came up with an analogy that I thought I’d share…

Try to think of your blurb like you’re on a first date (stick with me!). You’ve done your research, dated a few frogs, selected your type (genre).

You’ve met someone, they seem like a nice sort, like they’d fit the bill so you say, “Hey this is me, I think you and me might have a good time together, what do you reckon?”

You ask them out on a date (this is your title and book cover). They say yeah, why not and before you know it your pregnant, oh, no, hang on that’s a bit fast. You want them to get to know you a bit first.

You go on a date, you’ve had a wash, put on clean clothes, done your hair, maybe a little perfume (you’ve edited the shit out of your book and it’s the best it can be). They’re little nervous, maybe apprehensive, could this be the one? They pick you up and turn you over (No, not like that, I mean your book!)

Now, you’re sat opposite them, your eyes meet, you smile sweetly, an eye-brow flash here, a laugh there, your gaze lingers a little too long. Maybe you lean in to each other, maybe you touch their hair. You show them the best version of yourself, you flirt, you entice, you enthrall, you gloss over the bits you’re not ready to divulge with a cheeky smile and a timely demure glance (this is your awesome blurb)

What you don’t do, or probably shouldn’t if you do, is fart loudly, belch like a rugby player at belching contest, talk about your ex, or talk about how you’re imagining your wedding day and what you’ll name your kids. That is sure to put them off! (this does not make for a good blurb).

So depending on how well your first date goes will determine if you see each other again or not. You need to give enough of yourself away to entice them on a second date (to buy your book), but not enough so they know how the story ends.

It’s a tricky balance to get right, you could either end up left on the shelf (see what I did there! 😁) or you’ll end up blissfully happy (and stinking rich from all the books you’ve flogged!).

So what are you waiting for, get practising your first date moves! Or, if all hope is lost, turn to the blurb exchange, where helpful advice awaits!



2 thoughts on “First date blurbs

  1. Continuing the analogy…
    If you blurb excessively on any datex—first or later, your male date will not hear your words but will surely be thumbing through for lewd pictures. If your date is female, long dissertations designed to excite but not reveal much, will only bring her mind to other books she has dated.
    Personally, I’m rather fond of brief teasing. I’d much rather imagine the what a book might offer later, than to rush to the last page prematurely.

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    1. I am guilty of blurbing excessively to my husband, god knows what he’ll be thumbing through in the dark recesses of his mind!

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