Stephen, Meet Frank – Your Ideal Reader

Everyone needs a Frank, Stephen King has a Frank. Unfortunately my Frankella has gone awol, if anyone has seen her, please send her back!

Stephen R. Gann

Good morning. Day TWO of the journey and one I’m proud to say was quite productive. Building a fantasy world is challenging to say the least, so I developed an alternative. Instead of creating it, I am simply exploring it. By starting with belief systems around the mythology and magic, I’ve been able to make my way through it quite well.

However, today’s post is NOT about the world, but about something VERY important: My ideal reader.

I read an article recently that talked about visualizing one’s ideal reader. The author said she wrote 9 books before she did this. Then, after seeing exactly who this person was (looks, mannerisms, clothes they wore, etc) she wrote her book.

The result? Best Seller and even sold the screen rights.

Hooked me!

Mine’s named Frank. He sits opposite me each morning as I write, sipping coffee at the same patio table (coffee…

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