Guilty of Bloglect*

So, it’s been a little while since I actually sat don to write a proper blog post, whether it be a little story, a little something, something about writing or what ever. I’ve had a word with myself and found I am guilty of neglecting my blog.

Some may have notice my recent posts have been reblogs of others hard work, and while this is acceptable (to me) when there’s an interesting article etc, I have abused the ease at which you can reblog stuff. Not that I think the works I have reblogged aren’t interesting or pertinent to my writing journey.

It’s just that (here come the excuses), well, life stuff happens, you fall out the habit and my most valid excuse reason is that I have been focusing on writing The Curse of the Ladderman.

I have learnt that I’m a bit of a one trick pony, too many writing projects on the go at once means I struggle to juggle them all. My novel Cyber Cell and my blog fell to the wayside while the ‘Eye of Sauron’ was fixed on my novella.

I’ve lost momentum with Cyber Cell but I’m determine to claw my way back into it. I believe in the story and just need stop faffing about and write the bloody thing.

I’ve also questioned the purpose of my blog, whether I’m writing for writers, writing for readers, writing for both. I’m none the wiser so I’ll stick to a mash-up despite contradicting the web’s advice to be specific with your target audience, I’ll plod on.

I had set out to write a blog post a week but I think for now I’ll shift my target to bi-monthly and have a better plan/schedule/just-sort-your-bloody-life-out-woman approach. With that being said, here’s whats coming up:

Tea and Testicles – A humourous narrative

Female Tropes and where to find them – An observation

That just leaves me to say, thanks a blogging bunch for sticking with me and if any of you want to share your wisdom about blogging or keeping up the writing momentum or what to do with recalcitrant warts then I’m all ears!

*Bloglect – The act of neglecting ones blog – Ok, this isn’t a thing, nor it is the best word mash-up I’ve heard but I like it. It should so be a ‘thing’!

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