It’s all in the lighting, darling

In readiness for my upcoming novella, The Curse of the Ladderman, I thought I’d better look the part and have some proper headshots taken.

I’m pretty chuffed with the results – even if it is still my face – and it’s all thanks to professional photographer John Woodward. He’s pretty nifty with a camera and talks about light in same way as a child might talk about Santa. This kid knows his stuff so it’s to him I owe my thanks for making me look all grown-up and serious.

I’d say to any indie authors out there, give your face a boost (and your credibility) with some professional headshots. I’d recommend finding a photographer you gel with because, well, who doesn’t feel like a bit of a prat when you’re posing for a shot and the builder working your neighbours windows starts tryin’ to funny (yes, that actually happened, no, it was not funny!)

Of course I’d recommend working with John, what he doesn’t know about light isn’t worth knowing and he’s rather fun to be around.

In other news

I’m just waiting for my manuscript to be copy edited and hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, The Curse of the Ladderman will be available to purchase and if just one person buys it I’ll be able to call myself a proper author!

In some other, other news

Now I’m not side tracked by writing The Ladderman I’m back to writing my sci-fi novel, Cyber Cell. I’ve had to shoe-horn my way back into the story but now I think I’m back on track and I’m getting on with writing the bloody thing!

In some more, other, other news

I haven’t really kept up with my blog, I’ve been busy, it’s fallen by the wayside, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. I’m having an existential blog-life crisis and it’s future is hanging in the balance.

There is soooooo much advice about author’s building their ‘platforms’ and having a mailing list, and writing newsletters, and marketing, and it’s so confusing, and oh my god I’ve totally forgotten to write my book.

You can stick around here and keep following my blog, or you can also sign up and be on my mailing list for other news and free stuff (and by free stuff I mean ‘stuff wot I have wrote’ and not stuff that’s accumulated in the garage and I want to get rid of).

I’m off, I’ve got a book to write, I’ll catch ya later – although if you’d like to feed my procrastination addiction you’re more than welcome to drop me message.

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