I’ve got ya covered!

It’s been pretty busy here at Archer HQ with lots of reading, beta reading, and a fair bit of procrastinating. Anyway, I got round to learning about image rights and licensing…turns out Pixabay isn’t so keen on authors using their images for resale – so that’s my original cover quite literally blown!

I’ve been tinkering, and with the help of some lovely ladies, I’ve updated the cover for my upcoming novella…drum roll please….

What do you think of this badboy?

Here’s just a quick reminder of the blurb:

After surviving a knife attack in London, Rik Halliday moved with his pregnant wife, to a safe, rural village in the Cotswolds.

A simple game of rock, paper, scissors changes his life forever when he and two friends unwittingly unleash the curse of the Ladderman.

Haunted by his past, terrified by his future, becoming the next victim means fighting for his life with broken heart.

Rik has to decide whether to put his faith in the police, who failed to protect him in the past, or to flee with his wife, putting them both in danger.

The game has begun. Who will win? The Ladderman or Rik?

It’s set to release on the 1st June but for a short period I’ll be giving it away free to anyone who pokes themselves in the eye and sends me photo…or I’ll just send a blog post and you can download it via some digital wizardry!

Catch ya later!

2 thoughts on “I’ve got ya covered!

  1. Certainly still see the gloom in this new cover. One hitch in the jagged lettering is that both D’s appear to be G’s.

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    1. Sorry for the delayed reply, can see what you mean. As a result I’ve done a Twitter and Facebook poll – results are in! Apparently it’s a cool cover and only one other person suggested the D/G issue.

      I’ll run the book with this cover with the caveat that I’ll change it down the road if it’s causing an issue!


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