From me to YOU…

Ok, so I’ve sort of faded into the background on the blogging scene but I’m still here, lurking around all your lovely posts, admiring art work, and getting inspiration from you flashy fictioneers.

Since I started blogging I’ve met some wonderful people and that interaction has kept me going through the crazy process of writing. Shy of popping round to your house and giving you a box of chocolates and a hug to say thanks very muchly (which is a tad stalkery and expensive tbh!), I’m a bit limited.

So, by way of offering a thank you I’m giving you the opportunity to download my first ebook for free. It’s a horror novella (sorry if you’re not a horror fan – although I’m not sure it’s that horrific – hopefully the writing isn’t that horrific either!).

It will go sale on the 1st June for £1.99. The link below will expire on the 31st May, there is a limited number of downloads before I have to sell a kidney to pay for an upgrade fee so grab it while you can.

It would be super-dooper if, on the 1st June, you would be kind enough to leave a review on whichever online store you choose. It’ll help other readers find my book and decide if it’s something they want to read.

I’m working on a paperback and possibly a large print version, hopefully they will be ready on time too!!

I’m busy plotting my next horror project, THE SLUGS, I’ll bet you can’t guess what it’s going to be about, and I’m still chipping away at my sci-fi novel CYBER CELL. I’m starting to look at a potential release date and getting booked in with my editor!

You can sign up here, if you fancy getting my newsletter where I’ll let you in on my secret fictioneering world (that should totally be a word!).

That’s all for now, thanks very much. I hope you enjoy your free book!


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