So I’ve had a little publishing whoopsy and a valuable lesson going forward! Today was the official launch for the Curse of the Ladderman, but it’s only available in a few stores as of yet.

Barns and Noble have it, as does Kobo, but the uploading process is taking longer than I thought! Amazon so far have taken a couple of days and some stores I submitted to well over a week ago.

Hopefully it’ll all come good but I have made a big note to allow two weeks to upload to ebook stores in the future!

For anyone that does use Nook or Kobo here’s a universal store link to help you find it!

Fingers crossed it’ll be available in other stores soon, it’s sooo exciting to see my story available to buy.

The paperback version is still undergoing the proofing process. My originals would have been ready but the print quality was rubbish and I’ve had a massive faff with sorting out the resolution of my images. My main takeaway from that experience…hire a cover designer!

Hey-ho, onwards and upwards! I’ll keep you post about my publishing woes! If you’d like to share yours so I don’t feel such a monkey that would ace!

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