Officially official!

It’s official! Today I was asked to fill in a questionnaire that said ‘occupation,’ and for the first time ever, I wrote author! YAY! It feels more official because that’s what it says on my newly created Amazon Author Page. You can check it out here.

Ok, ok, so one teeny novella might not seem like much but it’s one step closer to becoming an established author. I’m at base camp of mount Bookimanjaro, it’s a steep climb, so I’m going to channel my inner mountain goat and get on with it!

The Ladderman is officially available via books2read.com, and for those of you who downloaded a free copy, I wondered if you’d take minute to leave a little review on the store of your choice? That would be total awesome of you!

I’ve also submitted my book to an online book reviewing site called Sci-Fi and Scary. Hopefully they’ll accept my review request (and be kind with their review!).

With regards the Ladderman cover, the cover I spent hours and hours toiling away at, the cover that expended and expanded my knowledge of photoshop – yeah that one. Well, I’ve caved in and and hired a cover designer because I just don’t feel it’s up to scratch. You can check out her portfolio here. I can’t wait to show you what she comes up with, she’s working on it as we speak!

Right, back to writing – I’ve only got an hour before my pre-schooler returns so I’d better make the most of it!

See ya later!

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