ARC you the one?

How would you like the chance to read my book BEFORE it hits the digital shelves?

Read on…

I’m recruiting members for Team Cyber Cell in preparation for the launch of my debut sci-fi novel – Cyber Cell on the 18th February 2020!

It’s super important for a new author, like me, to get reviews on new books as they launch.

It’s all about the social proof…

How many of you check out the reviews when making your book buying decisions? Even if you just glance at the star rating those reviews have an influence.

Apart from helping to persuade people to give a new writer a shot, reviews help drive early sales which, in turn, means that Amazon’s mystical algorithms take notice. When they do that, Amazon will start to market on my behalf. No one sells books better than Amazon.

Where do you fit in?

So, in order to make that happen, I’m creating a small team of Advanced Readers.

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to download a FREE digital copy of Cyber Cell, read it (and hopefully enjoy it), then when it’s published, fire up a quick and honest review on Amazon (or retailer of your choice).

It’s simple really.

Members might even spot errors, or make suggestions to tweak the plot and I’ll be able to incorporate them before the general release. I’d be really grateful and you’d get a great anecdote to tell your friends!

Is that it?

Apart from giving you a FREE copy of my book BEFORE anyone else, I’ll try and say thanks with some nice bonuses – like offering a signed print edition. I’m currently looking into publishing audiobooks too, so there may even be a free audiobook in it!

I want to keep the team relatively compact so spaces are limited. If you’re interested, please hit the sign-up button and follow the instructions.

Not sure?

No worries. Here’s a reminder of the blurb…

A twisted reality.

A deadly program. 

A detective on the brink.

Cambridge, England, 2057.

Incarcerated in a cyber cell, computer genius, Clayton Mace is desperate to clear his name. When he’s found guilty for the resurgence of cybernater deaths, his termination is brought forward. His hands are tied and his fate depends on one man…

Fuelled by anger, Detective Marcus Brogan is on the path to self-destruction. After a murder on his doorstep opens the door to a web of lies, his destruction is closer than he thinks. 

As the investigation unravels so does his mind. Battered and broken, Brogan follows a trail of death to uncover a sinister plot…but in the fight for justice, how much more can one man stand to lose?

Is the truth really worth dying for?

If you want unremitting tension set in a future world, you can’t go past Cyber Cell’ – Bob Rich, author of Sleeper, Awake.

Sci-fi isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I get it. I’m not hurt. Honest. You can still keep in touch with me via this blog, or you can see what else I get up to by signing up for my monthly newsletter below.

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