1000ft Under

Here’s a brand-spanking new short story for you to feast your eyes on. 1000ft Under is about the greed of man…or maybe it’s about an alien artefact with a powerful hold over man.

Before you say it – I realised the likeness to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings only after I wrote it. Honest Gov!

1000ft Under

‘C’mon men, I want at least four feet dug, crushed and cleared by the end of the shift. Now, put your backs into it!’ Marshall loomed over the sweaty men, chipping away at the rock face in the dim light of the mineshaft.

            ‘You’ve gotta be kiddin’? We’ve been diggin’ this seam for weeks, it’s goin’ nowhere.’ Dirty sweat dripped down McEwan’s blackened face leaving rivulets of pale skin underneath. READ MORE…

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