Massive Procrastinator

Sooooooooo I’m supposed to be writing – I realise I technically am writing whilst doing this blog post, but I’m not writing what I should be writing.

My next books.

Instead, I’m faffing about with a whole new look for my website. I’m learning about web design and web building. “Why?” You might ask.

I dunno. You’d have thought that with a baby due in August I’d be getting a move on before the inevitable sleeplessness and chaos ensues. But no. Not me. I’d rather piss about doing other stuff than the stuff I should be doing.

What an idiot.

I did a recent survey of my fabulous newsletter subscribers and totally got called out for pissing about. Turns out no one really cares what my website looks like. They just want my next story.

Fair play to them. It’s kinda what you expect from an author, right?

I guess I’d better get my arse in gear, pull up my big pregnant-belly pants and get on with it…

Oh, but my website’s not finish—

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