Imagine your life is just drifting along like a leaf in the wind. This maybe easier for some than others.

But maybe you’ve never quite been able to shake the feeling that there’s something greater out there, just waiting for you?

If only the wind would blow you in the right direction.

When the wind turns in to a storm, what do you do?

I was once a leaf, like you, drifting along until a storm uprooted everything I knew. My father-in-law died suddenly, my own father died slowly.

That’s when I realised it was time to change direction.

When you’re young the future seems so far away. You’re told to study. You’re told to get a job. You’re told to start a family. I did all that, I studied engineering, then ten years later studied mental health nursing. Yet still there was an unscratchable deep inside. It took the death of two men to work it out.

I started writing in 2017, short stories and blog posts, novels and novellas. The itch is finally getting scratched.

While you’re working out where the leaf of your life is blowing you, I’ll be writing a few books to keep you entertained along the way. You can find my horror works under the name Angela Archer, and if Sci-fi’s your jam then looks for my books under the name A.L. Archer.

Of course, you don’t have to buy my books, you can just say hi by dropping me an email, finding me on Twitter or Facebook, or shy of popping round for a cuppa, you can trust me with your email address and I’ll send you my monthly updates.

I hope you’ll stick around?


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