Behind Closed Doors – Soloman Says

STORY FOUR – Soloman Says

Transcript of the police interview with Soloman Torrence, 11 Cartwright Close, 29th July 2018, 19:45hrs. Interview took place at Cartwright Close.

P.C Swift: For the record, please can you confirm your name and date of birth?

Soloman: Soloman Richard Torrence, 5th July 1980. Age 37.

P.C Swift: As I said, we are investigating the murder of Alex Lepinski. You were seen visiting the property earlier today.

Soloman: Yeah, I was there. What of it?

P.C Swift: Well, why don’t we start with your relationship with Alex and Melissa?

Soloman: I’ve known Alex since school. He was in the year above but we became mates. He took up with Mel and that’s how I know her.  Look, that whore Mel killed him so what you asking me all this for?

P.C Swift: We’re just trying to establish the fact Mr Torrence. You are not under suspicion but we do need to establish the circumstances and any precipitating factors. What was the purpose of your visit today? Who did you see?

Soloman: I saw Mel. She was wasted as usual. Alex was out with the sprog.

P.C Swift: Sprog? You mean the child, Sophie?

Soloman: Yeah, like I said, the sprog.

P.C Swift: So if you’re mates with Alex, why did you visit if he was out?

Soloman: [Silence]

P.C Swift: Mr Torrence?

Soloman: Welfare. Yeah, that’s what you’d call it, I check on her welfare. Every Sunday. So as Alex can go out with the sprog and not worry what Mel might do.

P.C Swift: Why would he be worried?

Soloman: Well, cos she’s always drunk n’that. She’s fruit-loop. He says he loves her an will stand by her, for the kid like. Well, look where that got him, the crazy bitch.

P.C Swift: So what did you do on these welfare visits?

Soloman: No much. Sometimes she’d be in no fit state for anything. She’d be all limp, like a soggy biscuit on the couch n’that.

P.C Swift: Ok, and then what?

Soloman: Well, I’d stay for a bit, for as long as I could stand it really, then I’d go home. Alex was always home for 12noon on Sundays, you know, to feed the girl her lunch I guess.

P.C Swift: And sis you notice anything different about Miss Miller today? Anything at all that you can think of? Did she say anything about how she was feeling?

Soloman: Nah, I let myself in as usual. Found her sittin’ on the sofa, she glanced over at me, I sat down and we watched telly for a bit. Then I left.

P.C Swift: Did she say anything?

Soloman: Nah, not a word. Her eyes was like glass, like you know, the lights were on but no ones home.

P.C Swift: And you didn’t speak to her?

Soloman: No point, you either get ignored or a mouthful of shite so I left it.

P.C Swift: She didn’t seem any different from normal then?

Soloman: Nah, only difference was she normally has a shower or a bath or something on a Sunday but not today. Don’t know why but I only noticed cos she usually smells nice, besides the booze anyway. And, well, she didn’t today, she smelt kinda skanky.

P.C Swift: Did she have any friends you know of? Any female friends?

Soloman: Not that I know of. She’s never mentioned anyone, like I said, she’s not much of a talker.

P.C Swift: Right, well, thank you for your help. Please stick around in case we have any furtherquestions for you. Here’s my card if you think of anything else that might be useful.

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