PRIUS is a collection of near future science fiction short stories. Set in the year 2038, each story explores a different theme, from medical advancements, crime, war, terrorism, to gaming and computer hacking.

Pro Re Nata is the first in this series; it follows a crack military drone strike team who are sent too close to enemy lines on a futile rescue mission. 

This series is being published on a chapter per month basis by Channillo. The first chapter is set to release on December 20th 2018.

CYBER CELL Do you want to live forever? You’ll have to die first! In a race to herald in a new era of technology, Novanoid Corp. wanted to be at the forefront. Cybernating had not even begun to peak in its popularity as a new way of life, living in stasis, hooked up to a computer 24/7, offering a new digital life far beyond the reach of real life.  

After sixteen cybernaters died, Novanoid needed a fall guy. Clayton Mace was framed and sentenced to death. Incarcerated in a Cyber Cell, he attempts to clear his name but ends up making the situation far worse. His only hope comes in the form of Detective Marcus Brogan, a 5th division PeaceKeeper, who has his own issues.

Release date: Autumn 2019