PRIUS is a collection of near future science fiction short stories. Set in the year 2058, each story explores a different theme, from medical advancements, crime, war, terrorism, to gaming and computer hacking.

Pro Re Nata is the first in this series; it follows a crack military drone strike team who are sent too close to enemy lines on a futile rescue mission.


The first chapter is set to release on Channillo, in Autumn 2019.

CYBER CELL Do you want to live forever? You’ll have to die first! In a race to herald in a new era of technology, Novanoid Corp. wanted to be at the forefront.

Cybernating had not even begun to peak in its popularity as a new way of life, living in stasis, hooked up to a computer 24/7, offering a new digital life far beyond the reach of real life. 

After sixteen cybernaters died, Novanoid needed a fall guy. Clayton Mace was framed and sentenced to death. Incarcerated in a Cyber Cell, he attempts to clear his name but ends up making the situation far worse. His only hope comes in the form of Detective Marcus Brogan, a 5th division PeaceKeeper, who has his own issues.

Release date: Winter 2019

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