Creative Writing

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Ode To A Toad

Ode To A Toad – my inner toad, Frank, thinks he can stop me writing my novel. Well ha, screw you Frank, I’ve got your number!

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Just a quickie…

Just a quick blog update as I’ve been awol in cyber-space and a lurker on social media.

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The Brave Little Tractor

Ever wondered what happens when you fall asleep or where all those missing socks end up. This little story holds the answers…

Happy One Month Anniversary!

It’s been a whole month since I started The Reluctant Writer! Writing a few short stories and some bloggy shizzle …

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A Flying Visit – out now!

Another cray-zee short story from my 3 word challenge to tickle your eyeballs, there’s aliens and clowns, how can you go wrong?

The worse attempt to write a romantic short story you’ve ever read!


Mike meets the woman of his dreams during a living nightmare.


Return of the Magmatron…

The Magmatron returns to reclaim his kingdom after 75 years in hiding. Can the villagers get to safety, does the chosen one find out she is in fact the chosen one…

The Secret Life of a Troll

Fear is not your friend if it holds you back. The fear of receiving negative comments about my writing has held me back from actually writing so I’ve done some digging and some thinking…

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The Standing Man

The Standing Man, three words suggested by Di B., story inspired by Bill 1964 – 2015

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The Gift

Does Margaret reunite with her sister before their mother’s funeral? Is here little peace offering enough or does Margaret get a gift of her own…

How Scrivener Saved Me

It turns out that writing a novel is not as easy as I first thought, it’s actually quite tricky. I’d lost the plot and stopped writing, that was until I found Scrivener. Read on to find out more about my magical union with a software programme.