Creative Writing

The 5am Club

Have you seen the 5amwritersclub hashtag bandied around on Twitter? These committed writers get up at 5am to write. Squeezing every drop of ink out of their daily schedule. I often envied those people, I questioned my own drive and passion for … [Read more...] about The 5am Club

The Creative Penn

https://s3.amazonaws.com/tcppodcast/Podcast_StuartBache1118.mp3 This podcast offers some helpful starters and food for thought for anyone looking at book cover design. The interview comes about half way through the podcast but it's quite insightful … [Read more...] about The Creative Penn

See Ya Later

This 'ere is my final post as the Reluctant Writer. My non de plume will be nom de gone from today.  Tomorrow I'll be busy rebranding my website. I'll be MIA on here and on social media while all the magic stuff happens. If you click on my … [Read more...] about See Ya Later