A picture of an enlarged face obsecured by trees

The Ladderman

The Ladderman – Three friends. One game. Who lives? Who dies?

A picture of a toad who looks a bit smug

Ode To A Toad

Ode To A Toad – my inner toad, Frank, thinks he can stop me writing my novel. Well ha, screw you Frank, I’ve got your number!

A picture of an hour glass on it's side, laying in sand

Just a quickie…

Just a quick blog update as I’ve been awol in cyber-space and a lurker on social media.

Lots of socks hanging on a line

The Brave Little Tractor

Ever wondered what happens when you fall asleep or where all those missing socks end up. This little story holds the answers…

A green top hat, an orange flower and a streamer

A Flying Visit – out now!

Another cray-zee short story from my 3 word challenge to tickle your eyeballs, there’s aliens and clowns, how can you go wrong?