Short stories

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The Ladderman

The Ladderman – Three friends. One game. Who lives? Who dies?

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Ode To A Toad

Ode To A Toad – my inner toad, Frank, thinks he can stop me writing my novel. Well ha, screw you Frank, I’ve got your number!

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Just a quickie…

Just a quick blog update as I’ve been awol in cyber-space and a lurker on social media.

The worse attempt to write a romantic short story you’ve ever read!


Mike meets the woman of his dreams during a living nightmare.

Man walking alone in fog

The Standing Man

The Standing Man, three words suggested by Di B., story inspired by Bill 1964 – 2015

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The Gift

Does Margaret reunite with her sister before their mother’s funeral? Is here little peace offering enough or does Margaret get a gift of her own…