So I've had a little publishing whoopsy and a valuable lesson going forward! Today was the official launch for the Curse of the Ladderman, but it's only available in a few stores as of yet. Barns and Noble have it, as does Kobo, but the uploading … [Read more...] about Oops!

First date blurbs

In a recent endeavour to write a couple of blurbs for my latest works I got a little stuck. My sales and marketing knowledge wouldn't fill a pin head. In an effort to get my head around it my wonky brain came up with an analogy that I thought I'd … [Read more...] about First date blurbs

The 5am Club

Have you seen the 5amwritersclub hashtag bandied around on Twitter? These committed writers get up at 5am to write. Squeezing every drop of ink out of their daily schedule. I often envied those people, I questioned my own drive and passion for … [Read more...] about The 5am Club