This is a little attempt at some super flash fiction, I decided to challenge myself to write a piece using no more than 100 words. The insipration comes from Lisa W’s three words – smile, diamond, and white, so thanks very much for this one Lisa.


I love the way the light catches your face, it makes me smile just looking at you. I see people stop and stare at you whenever we are together. I am in awe.

The way you hold their gaze is mezmerising and I feel honoured to be in your presence. Your flawless white complexion draws me into the depths of your soul and I feel you in the depths of mine.

I wish I was you. I wish I could emulate your charm and beauty. You have an effortless presence across my heart, my prized possession, my diamond necklace.


As ever, thanks for reading, if you feel like commenting then please do.

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