Short stories

A picture of an enlarged face obsecured by trees

The Ladderman

The Ladderman – Three friends. One game. Who lives? Who dies?

A picture of an hour glass on it's side, laying in sand

Just a quickie…

Just a quick blog update as I’ve been awol in cyber-space and a lurker on social media.

A green top hat, an orange flower and a streamer

A Flying Visit – out now!

Another cray-zee short story from my 3 word challenge to tickle your eyeballs, there’s aliens and clowns, how can you go wrong?

The worse attempt to write a romantic short story you’ve ever read!


Mike meets the woman of his dreams during a living nightmare.


Return of the Magmatron…

The Magmatron returns to reclaim his kingdom after 75 years in hiding. Can the villagers get to safety, does the chosen one find out she is in fact the chosen one…

A Betta fish

The fish who flew

This is Nutella, he’s a Betta fish and he went on a surprising journey. Take a little look at my first attempt at a children’s short story.