The fish who flew

Today was the big day, the day that Jake and his family were moving to their new house, 700 miles away. All their possessions had been packed onto the truck, Jakes dad gave the driver the instructions and then the family watched as it drove away.

Jake’s mum was chatting to the neighbours, Mrs Palfrey, they were hugging a lot. Jake wasn’t going to miss her, she’d told him off for being too noisy on more than one occasion. She wouldn’t even let him stay up late when she’d occasionally babysat.

Jakes dad was inside checking the rooms were all empty. Everything they’d need for the journey was piled up by the door ready. Jake’s rucksack lay open with gadgets, comics and general necessities any 8year old boy might need.

Jake’s dad is a pilot and as treat they’d decided to fly instead of drive the eight and half hours from Louisville, Kentucky to Washington D.C.

They were only waiting for his friend Logan and his dad to arrive. Jake had to find a new home for his pet fish, his mum had refused to take them on such a long journey. Jake was thrilled when Logan had convinced his parents that they’d take on the aquarium.

He was really going to miss Nutella, he was his favourite Betta fish, he was convinced that Nutella wagged his tail at him whenever he came home from school.

When the moment came, Jake, Logan and the two dads went up to Jakes bedroom. The aquarium stood lonely in the corner, the hum of the filter and the occasional blipping as bubbles oxygen hit the waters surface, were the only sounds.

After a moments silence they made a plan. They caught the fish and put them into some clear plastic bags. Nutella had the biggest bag. The dads carried the aquarium between them, it was still heavy even with just a few litres of water remaining in the tank. The boys followed carrying the fish between them.

The dads had managed to get the tank downstairs but just as they were going through the front door, Jake’s dad tripped and then lost his grip on the tank and SMASH!

Water, gravel, snails and glass went everywhere. Everyone scrambled and yelled.

“Get some towels!” Jake’s mum yelled.

“We’ve packed them all! Everything’s packed!” Said Jake’s dad as he dashed about.

“Jake, quick, go and get some towels from Mrs Palfrey. Quick, quick!”

Jake put the fish down and ran next door. By the time he returned with towels and Mrs Palfrey in tow, they had managed to make a pile of glass and gravel and their travel bags had been moved out of the water.

Once every thing had been cleared up there was a bit of laughter about the calamity and everyone said their goodbyes. Logan and his dad had headed off quickly in order to go and buy a new tank. Mrs Palfrey left with her sodden towels..

Jake’s mum gave him a hug as he took his last look at the only home he’d ever known, then they left for the private airstrip a few miles away.

Jake looked around the aeroplane hangar whilst his dad was checking their plane and the flight details. Jake thought he’d quite like to be a pilot too one day, but he also wanted to be a firefighter and a palaeontologist.

Before he knew it, they were taxiing down the run way, this was Jake’s favourite bit. He liked feeling the plane accelerate and the way it made his tummy go funny.

They were probably about half way there when Jake’s mum had rummage through one the bags.

““Aarrgghhh!” She screeched, causing his dad to lose his concentration and jolt the plane.

““What, what it is?” He said while checking the instrument panel.

““This! It must have fallen in when we were tidying up the glass.” She pulled out a clear plastic bag with Nutella staring right back at her.

““Nutella! Yeah!” Jake took the bag from his mother and hugged it. “We’ve got to keep now, Mum! Please?” Jake said hopefully.

His dad looked over his shoulder and said, ““We can’t turn back now, Love.”

“I suppose we’ll have to keep him then.” She said.

“Yesss! Did you hear that Nutty, you can stay!”

““Here, pass him up front, Son.”

Jake passed the bag to his dad who put it on top of the instrument panel looking out the windshield. Nutella had the best view on the plane for the rest of the journey and Jake looked forward to sharing his new bedroom with his fishy friend.


If you didn’t spot them, the three word challenge words were Nutella, bubble and aeroplane. Thanks to Emma for her suggestions.

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  1. This was a wonderful little read! I enjoy short stories so much already and this introduced me to short stories for children as well 🙂 I’m Soundarya by the way from dragonsinmycoffee. Hope to read more from you 🙂

    • Hey, Soundarya, thanks for taking the time to read it and comment. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m working on more so do keep your eye out!


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